In May 2008 Daniela Vinciguerra inaugurated VUEDU FACTORY in Palermo, in via Sperlinga 32, a stone’s throw from the Teatro Massimo, in the commercial heart of the city. In addition to being vuedu’s showroom, this large space also markets other brands. Everything from household items to women’s fashion have been chosen with consistency of language and taste, with the aim of creating synergy with the productions of the VUEDU brand.

VUEDU FACTORY a place of design and research, but at the same time one of the good salons of Palermo, where an all-female staff welcomes you in the small tea room, even just for a chat, for emotional exchanges and hilarity, and why not, sipping a good coffee. A space for meeting and exchanging ideas in which an activity of continuous communication takes place with the users of its spaces and its commercial partners, open to any form of creative and proactive synergy with planners, artists, designers and artisans who recognize themselves in the VUEDU language.